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The Department of Art is currently housed across West Campus (WCCB + WCCL), the JKB, and B-66. In addition to these buildings, a few classes are held at BYU's Museum of Art. A new Arts Building is planned for the site of the former Harris Fine Arts Center. This is expected to be complete in late 2025, upon which Art's West Campus and JKB facilities will consolidate into this new building.

Art Campus Map 2022

WCCB (West Campus Central Building)

Facilities in the WCCB include spacious painting, drawing, and mixed-use classrooms, the Department of Art administrative offices, faculty offices, and a large series of connected gallery spaces known collectively as The Weight Room. Some new features of the WCCB include the Art Open Workspace, a studio where all Art majors and pre-majors can work on projects freely between class periods; a separate project gallery for critiques and new genre classes; and a Student Commons area with the Creamery West offering snacks and ready-made meals for purchase.

West Campus Art Gallery
West Campus Painting Room

WCCL (West Campus Classroom Building)

The WCCL (formerly Provo High's Science building) is now home to extensive printmaking and book arts facilities, including full lab-classrooms dedicated to lithography, intaglio, and screenprinting/letterpress. This building also houses a clean room, a grad/faculty print lab, a monitored Woodshop, and the 2D Stockroom, where students can purchase paper, canvas, and other supplies at a heavily discounted rate, as well as utilizing the Tech Checkout system.. Finally, the Department's Digital 3D facilities are located in the WCCL, and include laser cutters, 3D printers, and a CNC router.

West Campus Lithography print lab
An image of the woodshop at West Campus.

JKB (Jesse Knight Building)

The JKB is home to the Department's Art Education classrooms and faculty offices, as well as BFA and MFA studios and a computer lab for the use of photography, time-based media, and digitally-oriented classes. The Art Resource Center is also located in this building.

Art Ed Classroom
BFA studios

B-66 (3D Art and Engineering)

B-66 is the building that houses the majority of our 3D facilities which cater to clay, wood, stone, bronze, metal, and other materials. The sculpture area includes a foundry, mold-making and wax casting equipment, facilities for working in plaster, stone, and metal, and tools for welding, soldering, woodworking and more. The ceramics area is equipped with multiple electric kilns and down-draft gas kilns as well as shuttle, raku, updraft gas, wood-fire, soda, and salt kilns. Students working in ceramics also have access to wheels, a slab roller, a complete glaze room, and a pug room for recycling and formulating clay. Students can purchase materials for both sculpture and ceramics at the 3D Stockrooms located onsite.

B66 Ceramics Wheels
B66 Sculpture Lab