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Off-campus learning experiences are an integral part of the department’s mission, and significantly enhance on-campus program offerings. The Department of Art has been actively sponsoring study abroad, field studies, internships, field trips and other off-campus learning experiences for more than forty years. These activities take place within the United States and abroad, including past off-campus learning programs in England, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico and Morocco.

Experiential Learning Funds help offset program expenses and enable many of our students to participate in at least one of these opportunities over the course of their degree program.

  • Berlin Study Abroad 2014

    Most years, department faculty lead a 7-week study abroad during spring or summer term. Participating students have the opportunity to take art courses, experience a range of cultures and artistic traditions, make art and meet one-on-one with the lead professors. Alumni of the department have traveled all over the world with the study abroad program. Most recently, students have studied in Italy, Morocco, Spain, Germany, and Tibet.

    Although directed by faculty from the Department of Art, the study abroad is open to students across the university.  Interested students should submit an application during the fall semester preceding the study abroad program.

    Being in Italy made me set goals and parameters for my own art so that I’m not just a copy machine, but rather a voice of help, offering new ideas to the world.
    Tanner Williams, alum

  • Summer Intensive hiking

    The Summer Intensive Program offers advanced art students the opportunity to produce self-directed, independent projects under the close mentorship of faculty members. Participating students enroll in ART 394R (Special Projects) and ART 480R (Advanced Studio) during summer term, and are required to log at least 20 hours of studio time each week, facilitated through unconventional workspaces. Thursday and Friday classes provide time for instruction, critiques and field trips, which sometimes extend into the weekend. Past field trips have included travel to many of Utah’s unique landscapes and iconic land art sites, as well as road trips to Los Angeles and Seattle to explore contemporary museums and galleries.

    I worked harder for and gained more from [the summer intensive] than any other class I have taken at BYU. Ultimately I was able to do more work and better work than I had previously hoped.
    Brynne Capps, alum

  • Student at art museum

    Each Fall, a large group of BYU art students and faculty mentors travel to New York City for the annual department field trip. The primary goal for this journey, which spans four to five days, is for students to engage with contemporary art in a major art center while also deepening their understanding of the history of art. Faculty members accompany students to museums, providing valuable context for the work on view. In addition, students are often able to visit working artists’ studios and the campuses of prospective graduate schools while in New York City.  Applications open early each Fall semester, and are shared with students via email and social media.

    Seeing my professors' interactions with what we saw, and their participation in things like the New York Art Book Fair was really insightful and gave me a glimpse into possible paths my career could lead me to. This trip [was] invaluable for seeing and connecting with what is happening in the world I want to be a part of.
    Gabriella Warnick, current student

  • Internship studio

    Art students have the opportunity to participate in a range of internships around the globe. These mentored learning environments provide valuable hands-on experience with artists and art-related institutions. Students receive university credit for completing an internship and fulfill degree requirements while progressing toward graduation. Faculty facilitate internship opportunities and serve as mentors for art interns throughout their experience. Many BFA and MFA students have had the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors as they were placed with prominent artists in Berlin, Vienna, Ireland and Los Angeles, including David Thorpe, Kirsi Mikkola, and Elizabeth Huey. Students who are interested in completing an internship should speak with a potential faculty mentor to discuss options for funding support. Interested students can check out the Department's Internship Syllabus for more information.

    It was really valuable to see the process Elizabeth went through to narrow ideas and transform information into a successful painting. Observing her process had a lasting impact on me and made me want to refine my own approach to research and art making.
    Ellie Golding, former student intern with Elizabeth Huey

  • Every winter semester, Art Education and Licensure students travel to the Utah Art Education Association (UAEA)  and the National Art Education Association (NAEA) conventions.  The department provides funding for student housing and travel, while student are responsible for the costs of conference registration. These conferences allow students to attend workshops, network with other educators, and to explore arts and museums in southern Utah and all over the country.

    Applications to participate in one or both conferences are due November 15th of each year. Current Art Education BA, MA, Minor, and Licensure students can apply here.

  • Chris Lynn and students preparing artwork for installation

    Our faculty actively seek opportunities to collaborate with students in small mentored groups, sometimes in coordination with artists visiting campus for short periods of time or similar groups from other universities. Examples of past mentored projects include MCLA-BYU Riverworks, a curated exhibit at Spring/Break Art Fair, collaborations with multiple museums in Mesa, AZ, and print exchanges with other universities, including the University of Hawaii.